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BOSS is a management consulting firm that provides executive-level marketing services to high technology and selected healthcare organizations. Since 1992 BOSS has worked as a strong extension to management teams around the world, bringing an objective, external perspective to the challenges of worldwide marketing management. BOSS works with small start-ups, large public corporations, and organizations in transition, while maintaining a strong core competency in enterprise software. With the insight of more than twenty-two years in high tech, founder and president Johanne Bouchard empowers organizations with a direct and honest approach that facilitates change and leads to real results quickly and cost effectively. BOSS - Bouchard On Strategic Services Executive-level marketing consulting Alameda, CA 94502 - Tel: 510-337-3838 - Fax: 425-988-9874 "It comes naturally for companies to drive marketing as a 'promotional engine'. However, often the business side of marketing is ignored and resources are not fully leveraged. Companies do not intuitively establish a worldwide business infrastructure for marketing. BOSS changes that. By instituting processes and measurements, we enable companies to measure their efforts and increase costs savings."   -  Johanne Bouchard, President, BOSS